23 July 2012


today's brekkie Russian porridge (surprisingly good), red currants & Lewycka's  Two Caravans

ohh....so much has happened since I last wrote!

I'm moving to my boyfriends place for the time i'm still in Germie-land.
Hoping I can concentrate more on my stuff and also....X3..
Let's just say I'm looking forward to making good use of the bed...

Because I felt like drawing, I started on a new canvas. My all time inspiration:   painter Alexej Jawlensky
I just love expressionism.

  'Portrait of Katia'

Isn't it beautiful? The colours are so nice 

 Right now there's a lot of wind blowing around the city, it feels like the ocean, holiday, freshness...
 So : On with the bikini & soak some sun! And of course, Florence & the Machine !!!

   listen to:          LOVER to LOVER 

15 July 2012

You need tickets to...KATZENJAMMER!

I'm in Loooove with this feeling!

The 4 girls from Katzenjammer are just the best at getting the crowd to sing along, jump and cheer!

Anyway, I met this cute 13 year old named Clara and we just hit it off. So what, Im 9 years older!
a bit freaky maybe..well, I adored her. She had these big nerdy glasses & waify blond going on, telling me she had her 3rd Dan in Karate, what with being able to lift her Dad (who weighs 90 kilos). Apparently she loves horror & zombie flicks. Aww, my little weirdie X3 I won't watch them with you though...brr...

14 July 2012

Buying time...

Good Day, Mr Hatter

Spent a whole day with my boyfriend~ shopping, going to our fav café, trying on costumes...
There we came across this crazy place. You had to walk through a hallway of mirrors to get there.
A miniature wonderland ^^- and a Mad Hatter, whose hat probably fell on the floor while drinking...

10 July 2012

Le thé - c'est vrai!

It's all about tea...


Watching 'Sur l'ancienne route du thé' on Arté. I'm really happy, that we have this german-french TV collaboration - they show the most wonderful things! I especially like the old men's talk..about their past as
leader of the pack. Caravans in Kirgistan..or Mongolia..I really want to see that someday! It suits me well, what with freedom and blue skies. And me having read myself through the Karl May novels in primary school XP

watch 1:34

such a devil! He keeps talking about all the women he got, because of his nice singing...


4 July 2012

Friends, Clothes & Memories

new treasures:

yellow suede ballerinas with black-toothed skulls

   a mint tint pearl-collar shirt   


Yesterday I went into town, doing all-out bargain shopping and ending up with new shoe blisters ^^-. Since I had a a huge hole where my friendship should be, I decided to call my pals. It all ended up with me staying at Liane's place, curling her hair and blabbing about guy problems.

Getting up at half past 5 wasn't so nice, but we had brekkie together with her little son Ludwig. He has a really cute giggle. And I finally found someone who likes eating dark whole grain bread for brekkie!!!

 After going to the postal, I visited my best friend Eva. I really needed to go badly, but I was told that the water pipes weren't working. By now I was practically hopping on the spot. Eva's mum just told me to 'fertilize the garden' with a mean twinkle in her eye. Ew! Thanks, but no thanks! That's when one of the workers called out: 'Pipes in order again!'. Bliss~    
Eva's tail-less cat Lissie, chilling

3 July 2012

little leftover sadness...

  Our class trip to Barcelona was so nice, I already miss that feeling.
  To be honest - I'm currently out of school. I can't help being annoyed that I had to fail. 
  And somehow, there is a lot holding me back at the moment. I should be
  looking for a job in France right now, to improve my skills, so that I can repeat the exam
  successfully. But my current state of mind is a shambles, my sister is in mental care, my mother
  always ill & hurting. I just feel like breaking free - but I admit I'm a little scared.