31 May 2013

Life is for living

I finally bought Murakami`s new book. After all, who needs a hardcover? I`m poor.

So far its very promising, starting off weird from the very beginning. I wonder what strange things will happen this time...I feel very close to Aomame, seeing as I`m very good at the stone face as well. People only call me beautiful when I smile. I don`t know.

Lately I`ve been letting myself get depressed, which is not good! No good at all! I should snap out of it!
Only...its not that easy, right? I didnt get the job at the newspaper, so now I`m working at a hotel.
It`s very stressful, my body isnt used to it and I`m aching all over. Crap!!! Strangely enough, my thumb hurts the most. X3 I`ve been complaining to my boyfriend a lot (I dont like going there, Ive seen a friend making a fool out of herself - who wants to be a mopey woman?)

Right now I`m trying to gather some peace around me. Sipping tea and letting myself float. And listening to chinese konghou music, which is an ancient chinese harp. I like the sound a lot~ I bet I`m even more into
chinese culture than my asian friends XD

Still wondering what to get for my boyfriends birthday since the idiot already bought the present I wanted to buy him for himself!

Calm down....
Ok, Goodnight x