6 July 2013

Oh noes, I wanna goes!

Its festival season once more and I'm so hyped!!!

 I really, really, reallyyyyy would have liked to go to 

 ❤♔❤   GLASTONBURY    ❤♔❤

I mean - it's ☆☆☆ legendary ☆☆☆

And there would have been so much too see, the STONES, ARCTIC MONKEYS, MONSTERS & MEN etc, etc.. I looked into the other bands and really liked some of them

Asakusa Jinta from Japan sounds deffo cool (click-e-di-click) >>  Setsuna is a cool song!!!

And the new Monkeys song kicks ass  >> Watch 'Do I wanna know?'

I'm thinking of going to the  ♢ http://www.chiemsee-reggae.de/ 
I bet that's pretty dope too...oops XD Wait, Im not into that! Oh, who cares.