23 July 2012


today's brekkie Russian porridge (surprisingly good), red currants & Lewycka's  Two Caravans

ohh....so much has happened since I last wrote!

I'm moving to my boyfriends place for the time i'm still in Germie-land.
Hoping I can concentrate more on my stuff and also....X3..
Let's just say I'm looking forward to making good use of the bed...

Because I felt like drawing, I started on a new canvas. My all time inspiration:   painter Alexej Jawlensky
I just love expressionism.

  'Portrait of Katia'

Isn't it beautiful? The colours are so nice 

 Right now there's a lot of wind blowing around the city, it feels like the ocean, holiday, freshness...
 So : On with the bikini & soak some sun! And of course, Florence & the Machine !!!

   listen to:          LOVER to LOVER 

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