8 February 2016

Photography extraordinaire!

Phew, haven`t written a post in a while. Mainly because I have been very busy again, Thank God that stressful phase is over!

Which meaaans: I had time to do a shooting with my incredibly talented friend Laura from Lauragrafie ! 

We met at 9 o' clock in front of the Botanical Gardens in Munich, which is always a great place for taking photos, because you can go to one of the climatised gardens inside.

I guess the tropical one and the desert one are the most frequented. We did encounter an elderly woman, who seemed rather displeased that we were shooting Nat in a tight red bathing suit from Etsy designer Stacy @hisOpal. 

(Nat later got scouted by the POP.)

She was going on and on, as some people sadly do. Preaching about morality. sigh
In my opinion. there are enough people holding themselves back from doing what they like. No thank you!

Which reminds me that my mom told me the other day I should stop watching Game of Thrones, because apparently, watching immoral things makes you evil.
Oh no, I must be the Demon Overlord then! Queen of the Damned, ha ha ;)

I want to continue shooting with Laura as much & as long as I can. It was only after those 5 hours of fun that I realised how much I had missed it. The creativity, the planning, the spontaneity, the laughter - there's nothing to dislike (well, except from bad weather maybe)

So here goes:
by Lauragrafie

By Lauragrafie
By Lauragrafie