4 July 2012

Friends, Clothes & Memories

new treasures:

yellow suede ballerinas with black-toothed skulls

   a mint tint pearl-collar shirt   


Yesterday I went into town, doing all-out bargain shopping and ending up with new shoe blisters ^^-. Since I had a a huge hole where my friendship should be, I decided to call my pals. It all ended up with me staying at Liane's place, curling her hair and blabbing about guy problems.

Getting up at half past 5 wasn't so nice, but we had brekkie together with her little son Ludwig. He has a really cute giggle. And I finally found someone who likes eating dark whole grain bread for brekkie!!!

 After going to the postal, I visited my best friend Eva. I really needed to go badly, but I was told that the water pipes weren't working. By now I was practically hopping on the spot. Eva's mum just told me to 'fertilize the garden' with a mean twinkle in her eye. Ew! Thanks, but no thanks! That's when one of the workers called out: 'Pipes in order again!'. Bliss~    
Eva's tail-less cat Lissie, chilling

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