8 July 2015

The Heat is on!

*phew*! finally the Heatwave is over!!!

listening to Courtney Barnett`s "Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit"

My favourite eyebrow product! <3

 I am sooo happy, its finally raining and the wind is blowing. For the last days, we had a constant 30° 
 Celsius upwards. Ugh, can´t deal with the heat. I´d rather tramp to the North Pole.

 Me and my girls are planning on going to Amsterdam after the big exams. I hope it works out, there
 seem to be many difficulties agreeing. For example, Izzy wants to go look at museums, boats, night
 life, practically everything, while An Ny just wants tulips and windmills...good gawd. 

 Then there`s the thing about going camping too. And I have an unwelcome guest hogging my couch.
  His name is Flo, he is large and quiet and watches the TV 24/7. And he never answers, so  
  infuriating! But he hasn`t got a place to stay at the moment, so there´s nothing I can really do. 
  A lot of things going on in my life as always. 

  Btw, don´t know if any of you out there feel the same way, but I really love the Jurassic World films.
  Especially the new one, it´s very cool. I just love dinosaurs. Always watch documentations when 
  they´re on TV and I love going to pre-historical museums too. 

  See this Stegosaurus bag on ASOS? Awesome!!!

Apart from that, rings are and absolute key for my summer look. Here are my favourite ones.


 These beauties are mostly paired with my fav outfit of lacy shorts & 70s print blouse

Aaand finally some time off with my boyfriend <3