8 February 2016

Photography extraordinaire!

Phew, haven`t written a post in a while. Mainly because I have been very busy again, Thank God that stressful phase is over!

Which meaaans: I had time to do a shooting with my incredibly talented friend Laura from Lauragrafie ! 

We met at 9 o' clock in front of the Botanical Gardens in Munich, which is always a great place for taking photos, because you can go to one of the climatised gardens inside.

I guess the tropical one and the desert one are the most frequented. We did encounter an elderly woman, who seemed rather displeased that we were shooting Nat in a tight red bathing suit from Etsy designer Stacy @hisOpal. 

(Nat later got scouted by the POP.)

She was going on and on, as some people sadly do. Preaching about morality. sigh
In my opinion. there are enough people holding themselves back from doing what they like. No thank you!

Which reminds me that my mom told me the other day I should stop watching Game of Thrones, because apparently, watching immoral things makes you evil.
Oh no, I must be the Demon Overlord then! Queen of the Damned, ha ha ;)

I want to continue shooting with Laura as much & as long as I can. It was only after those 5 hours of fun that I realised how much I had missed it. The creativity, the planning, the spontaneity, the laughter - there's nothing to dislike (well, except from bad weather maybe)

So here goes:
by Lauragrafie

By Lauragrafie
By Lauragrafie

23 November 2015

Pierrot Shoot

French Clown shooting with the lovelies:
Arianna, Natalie, Kamil & Kenny

Just wanted to share some with you.
I spent a lot of time thinking up the make-up..a heart shape in Borderland style for Arianna, Cat-lashes and tails for Natalie, dramatic Phantom of the Opera-esque make for Kamil ,and aboriginee dots for Kenny. <3

Turned out pretty well thanks to wonderful photographer Laura <<< (all rights owned by her)


Snow, come cover me up

It is snowing in Germany.

Lately, so many things have happened all around the world, gruesome things, wrong things.
And now we Europeans sitting all snug in our little nests can no longer ignore that there are people dying, because it´s happening right under our noses. I have been following the events and admit it makes me scared. Quite a lot, actually, because I feel helpless.

There is no way for me to change the fact that people in Syria and Iran are dying and although I wish I could punch our politicians in the face and shout at them to "Cut it out! Or is your own measly share of power more important than refugees lives?", it is unlikely that I would ever get that close.

Especially after having seen the last HUNGER GAMES film, I feel even more depressed. It is of course a great film, but it reminded me all to much of our current situation and how little we know on who actually runs the world. Actually, I don't think the author of the books is oblivious to that fact. Basically the media tell us stuff and we just believe that to be true. But we never stop to think - can this be the truth? Or are there other truths, harder to find, but still existent.
I want to be prepared.
I want to be fit.
I want to be ready.

18 August 2015

You can do anything, really

I am finally an official foreign language correspondent! 
 (only took me about four years...because of repeating ;D)

listening to: "Dig" by Incubus

Wow, I never thought I´d make it! It is starting to sink in. I´ve been working so hard.
 But this only goes to show that giving up is...lame. There were a lot of people telling
me to try something else, that I was not cut out for it actually. But here I am.

And I still believe that everybody out there will make it, will get their hearts desire!
The hardest step is putting your all into it, because you are afraid of loosing. Everybody is.
But actually there is more to loose if you don`t try. Believe!

As always, shooting with Laura was a good catalyst, a way of getting rid of the pent up creativeness
after excessive studying.
Doing the make-up and hair is really growing on me, hope we can go on like this for a while longer :)

all by Woodmouse Art


Yoga on Fire!

I can´t remember when its ever been this hot in Munich, in fact I dont think its ever been! There isnt even enough water for the wheat & other crops out where I live, which is a first. I mean, how much
worse must it be in other countries?? I`ve already seen a documentary on how there isn´t enough water for farmers around LA because the city has the priority, not enough water at all in China to keep on living through the next generations! Its really bizarre and I cant quite imagine it. (Or probably dont want to)

Summer in Germany - 40 °C !!!
on a lighter note:

Shoot with Jenna & Alex


Laura & Me did another cool shoot with a couple who does AcroYoga.  
Never heard of it?
I hadn´t either. Its a mixture of Acrobatics & Yoga (hence the name) and when done right just effortlessly flows from one movement to another. We were very impressed, if not awed.
Here´s a video took of them while Laura was taking photos:


Doesn´t it look amazing?
I really enjoy always getting to meet new people through those photo sessions.  

8 July 2015

The Heat is on!

*phew*! finally the Heatwave is over!!!

listening to Courtney Barnett`s "Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit"

My favourite eyebrow product! <3

 I am sooo happy, its finally raining and the wind is blowing. For the last days, we had a constant 30° 
 Celsius upwards. Ugh, can´t deal with the heat. I´d rather tramp to the North Pole.

 Me and my girls are planning on going to Amsterdam after the big exams. I hope it works out, there
 seem to be many difficulties agreeing. For example, Izzy wants to go look at museums, boats, night
 life, practically everything, while An Ny just wants tulips and windmills...good gawd. 

 Then there`s the thing about going camping too. And I have an unwelcome guest hogging my couch.
  His name is Flo, he is large and quiet and watches the TV 24/7. And he never answers, so  
  infuriating! But he hasn`t got a place to stay at the moment, so there´s nothing I can really do. 
  A lot of things going on in my life as always. 

  Btw, don´t know if any of you out there feel the same way, but I really love the Jurassic World films.
  Especially the new one, it´s very cool. I just love dinosaurs. Always watch documentations when 
  they´re on TV and I love going to pre-historical museums too. 

  See this Stegosaurus bag on ASOS? Awesome!!!

Apart from that, rings are and absolute key for my summer look. Here are my favourite ones.


 These beauties are mostly paired with my fav outfit of lacy shorts & 70s print blouse

Aaand finally some time off with my boyfriend <3

13 May 2015

London calling - yes, I was there too!

An' you know what they said? Well some of it was true
London calling at the top of the dial
And after all this, won't you give me a smile?

                  (by my favourite band the Clash)

For five days I finally went to see the City again. It was on rather short notice as my sister and
I both got some time off work and decided to go on a short trip together  Facebook Curly Lips Emoticon  Facebook Blue Heart Icon Purple Heart Emoticon

So we met for tea & crepes at a cute little shop made of an old coach called the Tram Café

C`est ca ===>

There we tried to come to an agreement over which city to visit. Of course we had both made listsTongue out emoticon

 Mine contained three citys with cheap places to stay and a cost estimate - hers at least 7 cities and 
 lots of drawings - typical grafic designer...It was really hard, ugh. She kept telling me to stop looking
 at costs and to decide which city I prefered...Amsterdam? too expensive, she´d rather go see  
 Stockholm anyway. And not too much sight-seeing, thank you very much. Air BnB was a no-go.
 So when we finally decided on Paris, we had talked on two meetings for at least a couple of hours.
Moon EmoticonStars Facebook Emoticons 
When I was lying in bed I kept pondering what I really wanted. And deep down I found my 
 wish - to go back to my mother´s birthplace and the country that held a special place in my 
  heart - good auld England!
  So I called her and convinced her and booked two return tickets with
  EasyJet and a small hotel room in Kensington. Finally! Aftet ten long years it felt like coming home.
  (And I dicovered I had a hidden passion for flying - it really felt so good going up I whooped Facebook big smile - Grin emoticon  )

awesomeness! (despite tourist invasions)

by the river


Although my sister had said she wanted to keep the sight-seeing to a minimum, I just had to go see
the Tate, I mean come on! When there´s so many cool museums in London!
And when they have paintings of the one and only John William Waterhouse, genius of the pre-raffaelites! swoon
Sparkling Heart Icon

Tate circular hallway

my sis <3

really cool hand-smoothed statue

me in front of  221b Baker Street (after that we had a beer at a pub)
Of course I bought some stuff - the coat you can see, a vintage Jaeger from a thrift shop, the stripy cutout dress from Topshop and a pink & gold necklace from Vivienne Westwood. There was a really
gorgeous asian girl working there - probably thai - wearing a midnight blue angled dress. I didnt see
that many clothes that I could imagine looking good on me, but I would have instantly bought all the
shoes, bags and accesoires if I could.

at Vivienne Westwood, trying on the baby asterisk print cotton dress (looking a bit dorky)

next time I`m definately going for the royal orb earrings!

The best thing about the whole trip - meeting our childhood friends Laura & Rachel in The Slug & Lettuce! They´re both sisters too. Facebook Kiki Smiley apparently nobody in London wears glasses.

17 February 2015

Chillin out maxing relaxing all cool

Because of being sick, I have finally time to write again. Some days ago we had a
discussion about going through higher ed and I thought of maybe studying translating
after all. It would help me in getting a job as a lector later on. 

I`d love to do that, being able to take part in the process of publishing a book <3

A book that got me thinking, but also a bit scared. (I really love this author) :

shooting photos with Laura soon again ^^ 
I´m really looking forward to it, seeing as its  going to be big, including a real coffin in the woods! 

Until soon and happy easter !
Mhhh- Krapfen! It´s an Easter specialty similar to filled doughnuts.

31 January 2015

just wandering


There is still so much snow here in MUC (my nickname for Munich :D)
It amazes me!!! But thanks to that (and the new Nikon L810 my boyfriend gave me for Christmas)
I have been able to take quite a lot of photos when walking to the train station. I normally 
take the bus, but I consider these 40 minutes well spent 🎵💖 


14 December 2014

In search of Gifts

I have finally completed my Christmas shop & wrap. It´s been so much of a hassle, I already am 
a bit miffed at the whole idea of presents. Why on earth has Christmas become so comercial?

I just wish you wouldn´t have to contemplate for hours on end whether you should buy a coffee machine or a new vacuum cleaner or an expensive gown - before you go mad and it´s the famous faux-pas socks all over!

That being said, it was nice to meet up with my family at the Winter Tollwood, which is a nice 
cozy market where there are tents, works of art, food & drinks, clothes, trinkets and even concerts.

It is a great place and me and my sis managed to snag a sheepswool pullover for Dad (which you dont have to wash, only air) and a festival bag (because we are planning to go to one next year).
My sister bought me the loveliest dress, all lace in an ivory shade. We found it at a Tollwood exclusive stand selling french lace garments. <3 Looove

I bought most of the prezzies for my girlfriends at the Body Shop and it was there where I found
my very first BB cream that I actually felt like buying. Its this one: 

Body Shop tea tree oil BB cream
and I don´t regret it one bit! It has a nice light texture, the coverage is good and it contains lots of tea tree oil, which I personally like very much. Hooray! I don´t know about recommending it, since everybody has different skin, but it was very hard to find a BB cream that hadn´t gotten a lot of crappy comments online - asian BB creams seem superior. But now I have this one, so I will try using it instead of this:

and see how it works out. I hope it will do for my circles and blotchiness/oily skin/redness/ whatever.

I bought a Clarins product in France, but it is a tinted moisturiser and I will only use it in summer:

Créme de Soins by Clarins

Did a Photoshoot with Laura as well. She gave me this book for training:

It´s fab!!! I´m learning lots of new stuff about bases, highlighting, conturing etc. 
I hope I can become better at doing make up. Let´s work hard! (not to forget studying for exams as well...blegh)

My only wish right now is for there to be snow...