13 May 2015

London calling - yes, I was there too!

An' you know what they said? Well some of it was true
London calling at the top of the dial
And after all this, won't you give me a smile?

                  (by my favourite band the Clash)

For five days I finally went to see the City again. It was on rather short notice as my sister and
I both got some time off work and decided to go on a short trip together  Facebook Curly Lips Emoticon  Facebook Blue Heart Icon Purple Heart Emoticon

So we met for tea & crepes at a cute little shop made of an old coach called the Tram Café

C`est ca ===>

There we tried to come to an agreement over which city to visit. Of course we had both made listsTongue out emoticon

 Mine contained three citys with cheap places to stay and a cost estimate - hers at least 7 cities and 
 lots of drawings - typical grafic designer...It was really hard, ugh. She kept telling me to stop looking
 at costs and to decide which city I prefered...Amsterdam? too expensive, she´d rather go see  
 Stockholm anyway. And not too much sight-seeing, thank you very much. Air BnB was a no-go.
 So when we finally decided on Paris, we had talked on two meetings for at least a couple of hours.
Moon EmoticonStars Facebook Emoticons 
When I was lying in bed I kept pondering what I really wanted. And deep down I found my 
 wish - to go back to my mother´s birthplace and the country that held a special place in my 
  heart - good auld England!
  So I called her and convinced her and booked two return tickets with
  EasyJet and a small hotel room in Kensington. Finally! Aftet ten long years it felt like coming home.
  (And I dicovered I had a hidden passion for flying - it really felt so good going up I whooped Facebook big smile - Grin emoticon  )

awesomeness! (despite tourist invasions)

by the river


Although my sister had said she wanted to keep the sight-seeing to a minimum, I just had to go see
the Tate, I mean come on! When there´s so many cool museums in London!
And when they have paintings of the one and only John William Waterhouse, genius of the pre-raffaelites! swoon
Sparkling Heart Icon

Tate circular hallway

my sis <3

really cool hand-smoothed statue

me in front of  221b Baker Street (after that we had a beer at a pub)
Of course I bought some stuff - the coat you can see, a vintage Jaeger from a thrift shop, the stripy cutout dress from Topshop and a pink & gold necklace from Vivienne Westwood. There was a really
gorgeous asian girl working there - probably thai - wearing a midnight blue angled dress. I didnt see
that many clothes that I could imagine looking good on me, but I would have instantly bought all the
shoes, bags and accesoires if I could.

at Vivienne Westwood, trying on the baby asterisk print cotton dress (looking a bit dorky)

next time I`m definately going for the royal orb earrings!

The best thing about the whole trip - meeting our childhood friends Laura & Rachel in The Slug & Lettuce! They´re both sisters too. Facebook Kiki Smiley apparently nobody in London wears glasses.