25 June 2013

It`s all good

I've been so exhausted lately that I just went straight to bed, pushed my cat to the side and dozed off to dreamland. No friends, no clothes, no books - I was just too tired.

I even fell asleep on the lawn .... I got out of the bus, walked the last five minutes home, took off my pink
ankle-straps and lay down on the grass looking at the beautif`ly blue sky. When I slowly came to, I noticed 
that I had been snoring AND salivating all over myself in front of my boyfriends grandad....  Noooooo! Well, at least I'm feeling positive again. After all, I didn't cancel my flat in order to stress myself even more in search of a new one - which is what my mum did. Seriously, what went wrong that side of the family - they can't all have been crazy???!!! Next time I'm in St. Albans, I'm going to find out about that

Well, I finished reading 'IQ84' and it was even strager than I had anticipated. I liked the characters, but 
that brutal suffucation felt out of the place. 
And I got irritated sometimes, I know Murakami is a man, but usually he depicts the women in his books 
as more gentle, so the manliness of Aomame was a bit over the top. 
But thats just my opinion. I immidiately craved another book, so I went along and bought 'The Help',  
because I've been dying to see the film. 
That one inspired me a lot - it is, after all, a book about a book in the making. 
Aibileens character was so warm, I cried. And Skeeter gave me hope, in future, in being able to write 
Right now I'm just glad. Glad to be alive, glad to have friends, glad to have... love <3 (So kitschy...)

On Saturday, Anny, Laura & me made Cake-pops   (< click for recipe)
 We did it all wrong, but we had so much fun