3 July 2014

No regrets

listening to : "Last Goodbye" by The Kills 

This is my literally the last day at the Lycee, tomorrow I'll be leaving.

I am not sad, as I had it with sleeping alone and I want to breathe in the scent of warm wood
that always fills the apartment I share with my guy. I want to embrace him and feel home again...

But it is a bit weird imagining that I won't be walking these stairs, or sharing tea and jokes with the office ladies here or talking a little promenade through the park. 
I will miss them. 
As I have been painting so much and as I don't have any cadeaux or presents, I decided to
give my paintings away. Some of them are already taken, but I'll feel free to post the others here:

1 July 2014

Mon petit péché mignon

or "my little weakness"

While fearlessly taking the bike to the city in spite of the rain, I came by a really cute shop. 
It was crammed full of little clocks, cups and porcelain, jewellery, umbrellas and pretty boxes.

Take a look

Of course I went and splurged, paying 90 € for little tidbits to take back home to my friends. Emoticon with cold sweat
I don't know if you can say it was worth it, but I love my picks:

Lisbeth Dahl umbrella - all covered in frills & stars

A cigarette case and perfumed letters and cubes by Givre Blanc

golden sugar crystals and sugar pearls for my baking girls & cook bf

Atsuyo et Akiko Star Dia necklace 

I found out that Lisbeth Dahl and Atsuyo et Akiko are well known brands and have their own online shops. 

  You can find Lisbeth Dahl online  Music Notes EmoticonhereMusic Notes Emoticon  &  Stars Facebook EmoticonshereStars Facebook Emoticons 
   Mind you, the shop is only for the UK, so if you live somewhere else,
   just type Lisbeth Dahl and your home country into the search field
    in your browser.

Atsuyo et Akiko you can find     Cherry Blossom here Cherry Blossom  
they sell a lot of tutus, shirts and jewellery for children too and have a Atsuyo et Akiko Disney collection.