27 March 2013

Follow the sun~

Gotta Keep searching, searching, if we gotta Keep on the run ~ we'll follow the sun
- Del Shannon -

This weather is wearing me out. I had a cat nap benath the table. The only thing that will
really wake me up though is some nice tea. Gotta endure (+.+)

Anyway, seeing Laura again after such a long time sure was nice. I kept on hugging her, hee hee
Which she didn't fancy that much, but what do I care. She had it coming.

I could only find one of the fotos by Laura Karg, I'll post the others later on. They are so precious to me...

Im in the midst of getting a Job at a main newspaper in Munich (shan't tell you which ^^).
I am a nervous wreck, but in a positive way. I hope it works out.
Easter bank holidays approaching at high speed -finally some quality time with my bf  ❤ ❤ ❤

                                        Happy Easter to everyone 


8 March 2013

Oh well...


Mhhh, The weather is getting fine again~ I feel like stretching and rolling in the sun luxuriantly like a cat.

Still, I somehow caught a stomach bug. My bf kindly made me a hot water bottle. I must be the silliest 
person on earth..after having a nap, I got up only to find I had this humongous burn on my belly.
My first reaction was to laugh myself silly, then it started hurting a bit...( ̄□ ̄)

Right now I`m listening to good 60s music (Mr Tamburine Man, All Day and all of the Night and likewise)
and dancing around with a homemade Gin Fizz, my fav drink, while the boys are playing darts (drunk)
and hitting the door instead of the board, so funny (^▽^)

Otherwise I`m keeping myself busy with lots of projects. We had an actress coach us for a presentation
that will be held in front of 500+ people, I`m a liiiiitle nervous. This was our last project with a radio station:
Bet it will be fine though and I got worked up about nothing at all. That`s me.

Foto: Joblinge sind Jugenlichen auf dem Weg zur Ausbildung. Storycast bedeutet: Erzähl etwas über dein Leben und mach ein multimediales Kunstwerk draus. Beides zusammen war sauanstrengend und hat viel Spaß gemacht!!! Danke an das bisher coolste Team 2013 :)
Die Filme gibt's demnächst in unserem Blog - wordpress mag mich grad nicht :(Hope you`re having a wonderful World Women`s Day!!!! 

 I got a green and pink tinged rose, very nice 

and and aaaand: On Sunday I`ll be finally shooting fotos 

+ the talented Laura again 

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ mwahahaha

Check out her site above and if you live in Munich: Go take some fotos with her <3 <3


              Greetings to Sandra, I love you. But only if you do indeed read this XP