20 June 2014

Broken into two

listening to: Sky full of stars - Coldplay

Sweet Sarah <3

Sarah left for Quebec yesterday...Booohoo!
I feel really lonely, it was so much fun having her around. No matter if it was when getting lost, calling the GPS names, laughing at strange french habits, hearing her say "Tabernacle!" in that typical accent, talking about sex and relationships, getting all hyped up about nature and its divine beauty, singing Coldplay at the top of our lungs...

I'll just have to assure myself this isn't forever and I can visit her - which I definately will be doing!!! I have always wanted to visit Canada, and if it's Quebec - why not? Now that I can speak french quite well, there shouldnt be any problem. Am actually proud of myself for coming this far - I will just keep moving forward at my pace, but admit to myself that I have actually achieved things and try to feel good about it. What a revelation! I should just do that. This is why I love writing, you can ultimately find out things about your self.. ^^

Well, before she had to leave we went all out. First we visited the Chateau d'Angers. Although I had already been there, I could show her around and this time there was a tour taking place by the apocalyptic tapestries so I got to learn something new. Next we went looking for a vinyard and winecave. Although we had to come back in the afternoon it was certainly worth it and I bought a bottle of Rose de Loire and some Moelleux white wine, which tastes a lot like mead and has this cool and sweet honey flavour. 

at the vinyard - they mix slate with the earth here

wine cellar with oak casks

It was fantastic. And our guide, an elderly french woman, was very patient and took the time to explain that it takes only the sugar in the grapes to ferment and make the wine what it is. Well, she admittedly had a laughing fit after Sarah asked her if there was an entirely chemical reaction to it. Was it that funny? I mean, I know how beer, whiskey and cider is made, but wine?
At least she assured me that living in Bavaria makes it entirely ok to prefer unsweetened drinks, Sarah apparently adores those. I would rather have an ale, a Guiness or a dry cider, something bitter and not overly sweet. Cultural differences are only insignificant if you are friends...Goodbye Sarah!

Cause you're a sky, you're a sky full of stars - I'm gonna give you my heart!

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