18 June 2014

Summertime Madness

I am sorry to say the Quebecoise Sarah Sophie will be leaving this hemisphere soon. 

And we were having so much fun too! I myself will be returning to Munich the 4th of July, so this traineeship
is slowly coming to an end. Sarah had rented a car for going to visit Paris, which did not work out - there appears to be a strike with public transportation inside the city - Merde!

So we thought we'd make the most of it. We went to visit the Parc de Letang in Angers.
After 10 minutes of dithering, we decided to turn that frigging GPS off. So annoying - what do you have a GPS for when it isnt even able to find the adress you are looking for??

After some driving around we asked an (admittedly very hot looking) older guy on a bike. He flashed us a George Clooney like grin and pointed towards some trees just a stonesthrow away were you could barely make out an entrance. "C'est juste la bas!" 

Amazingly we had once more managed to reach our destination by chance or sheer luck or even an inborn GPS?
Anyway, Sarah and I agreed to meet at the entrance in half an hour. As I had just eaten my yummy meal of

fresh salmon and cherry tomatoe pasta in lemon-vinegar sauce
I didnt feel up to going for a jog. I just roamed around the parc, walked up some stairways, took a detour through some trees and I have to say - That place was magnificently designed! You could just about discover anything round the bend! I found a miniature waterfall, a big chunk of an old stone wall, a pool and even a herd of mountain goats behind a fence. (who regarded me warily as I took some photos of the cute kids going "Awww".

Have now looked at pictures of baby goats...The cuteness of it, Aaargh! 

...is it tap dancing?

These are some scenes I discovered:

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