26 June 2014

Sweetheart will bargain

listening to "Audience of One" by Cold War Kids

Feeling totally hyped for shopping!!!  

ASOS miniskirt in rosé
Although I have to watch my money, because I still have to send half of my stuff back home and need money for the train ticket - Yes, I will be returning to Germany next month!

Am secretly scheming to get my sister to come. I know being a grafic designer is demanding, but come ON!
I want to do her something good after all, it is beautiful here. 

My latest addiction is the Kimono Dress at ASOS - God, how I am craving for it!!! I feel like a drug addict, because I haven't got my credit card with me, which incidentally means Bye Bye to online shopping for now. It is Killing me

Now I know what the main character in Sophie Kinsella's novels feels like. Resquiat in Pace, shopaholic self. 

Have in fact another addiction that is actually doing me good - the App & website of 

Should you be using this cool tool, go ahead and add me, I'd love to be able to learn with others ♥  

This is my link >>  Seedling Emoticon https://www.duolingo.com/Yumebi Seedling Emoticon

I strongly recommend it for learning the basics of languages. If you are a lazy bum like me and would rather do other things than learning dry grammar and words - this does the trick! It has a game-like level system and you loose hearts when you make mistakes, but when you advance a level - OOOoooh, it feels so good!

It is so addictive I made it to Level 9 in two days! Now I cannot wait to try the other languages too.

... Will actually continue my french lessons now - Au Revoir! Happy Facebook smiley red in face Sparkling Heart Icon 

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