18 August 2015

You can do anything, really

I am finally an official foreign language correspondent! 
 (only took me about four years...because of repeating ;D)

listening to: "Dig" by Incubus

Wow, I never thought I´d make it! It is starting to sink in. I´ve been working so hard.
 But this only goes to show that giving up is...lame. There were a lot of people telling
me to try something else, that I was not cut out for it actually. But here I am.

And I still believe that everybody out there will make it, will get their hearts desire!
The hardest step is putting your all into it, because you are afraid of loosing. Everybody is.
But actually there is more to loose if you don`t try. Believe!

As always, shooting with Laura was a good catalyst, a way of getting rid of the pent up creativeness
after excessive studying.
Doing the make-up and hair is really growing on me, hope we can go on like this for a while longer :)

all by Woodmouse Art


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