23 November 2015

Snow, come cover me up

It is snowing in Germany.

Lately, so many things have happened all around the world, gruesome things, wrong things.
And now we Europeans sitting all snug in our little nests can no longer ignore that there are people dying, because it´s happening right under our noses. I have been following the events and admit it makes me scared. Quite a lot, actually, because I feel helpless.

There is no way for me to change the fact that people in Syria and Iran are dying and although I wish I could punch our politicians in the face and shout at them to "Cut it out! Or is your own measly share of power more important than refugees lives?", it is unlikely that I would ever get that close.

Especially after having seen the last HUNGER GAMES film, I feel even more depressed. It is of course a great film, but it reminded me all to much of our current situation and how little we know on who actually runs the world. Actually, I don't think the author of the books is oblivious to that fact. Basically the media tell us stuff and we just believe that to be true. But we never stop to think - can this be the truth? Or are there other truths, harder to find, but still existent.
I want to be prepared.
I want to be fit.
I want to be ready.

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