18 August 2015

Yoga on Fire!

I can´t remember when its ever been this hot in Munich, in fact I dont think its ever been! There isnt even enough water for the wheat & other crops out where I live, which is a first. I mean, how much
worse must it be in other countries?? I`ve already seen a documentary on how there isn´t enough water for farmers around LA because the city has the priority, not enough water at all in China to keep on living through the next generations! Its really bizarre and I cant quite imagine it. (Or probably dont want to)

Summer in Germany - 40 °C !!!
on a lighter note:

Shoot with Jenna & Alex


Laura & Me did another cool shoot with a couple who does AcroYoga.  
Never heard of it?
I hadn´t either. Its a mixture of Acrobatics & Yoga (hence the name) and when done right just effortlessly flows from one movement to another. We were very impressed, if not awed.
Here´s a video took of them while Laura was taking photos:


Doesn´t it look amazing?
I really enjoy always getting to meet new people through those photo sessions.  

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