27 June 2014

On Selfies


Selfie after Magnum ice treat
So I was feeling kind of down today. More like very depressed. I did what I usually refreign from doing: Stuffing myself with chocolate cookies and sweetened coffee from the vending machine. Facebook Unsure Smiley Facebook Cloud Icon But it didn´t help me one bit. Instead I felt worse. After work I stepped outside. I noticed the delightful breeze and the trees swaying in the sunshine. "Maybe it isn`t so bad after all.." I started taking photos, of myself, my sourroundings. And it made me feel so much better. This in turn left me feeling embarassed - was I really that shallow and superficial? 

I have been reading various opinions & articles on this, my favourite by far being 
this one by Dr John Grohol .

He states another psychologist named Shelly Turkle. She writes:
" These days, when people are alone, or feel a moment of boredom, they tend to reach for a device. In a movie theater, at a stop sign, at the checkout line at a supermarket and, yes, at a memorial service, reaching for a device becomes so natural that we start to forget that there is a reason, a good reason, to sit still with our thoughts: It does honor to what we are thinking about. It does honor to ourselves. "

I could relate to this statement somewhat, but I think it depends wether you have problems fitting in or 
if you are perfectly fine living in this fast-paced world of ours. Admittedly I have a problem with adapting, so my nostalgic moments are plenty. 
Everybody needs to find their own truths.

I myself will take care in the future to have better insight and stop and think for a moment. After all - the Selfie cannot cure my depression, it can only make me feel good for a moment.

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