6 June 2014

Inspiration : floral blouses

listening to Chris Cornell - Long Gone

have been having a look around. Today is a friday and nearly all of my french collegues were wearing these breezy floral blouses, which look so refreshing and feminine if you combine them right, with uni pants and skirts.

I found it pretty hard to find any that I could imagine looking good on myself, though.
By now I have mastered the art of knowing what will make me look good and which colours dont suit me at all. Yes! I came across Sheinside.com while perusing the web and thought - why not? These are my picks:

Love the interesting clash of textures ✩

the mix of seethrough and lace is superb!

admittedly very girly - but you can always dress it down

the sleeves are not too long and the flowers not too overbearing

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