13 June 2014

On friendly Canadians & getting on

listening to  "Get it on" by T-Rex

walking towards some church in Angers - a little tipsy and about to get lost

A new trainee has arrived - Sarah Sophie from Canada! God, I adore her. She is just so straightforward and active and a very honest person. You cannot help but love her to bits. We immediately hit it off, although she is very different from me. Actually, she reminds me a bit of my Mum, because she has the same habit of blurting out exactly what she is thinking or about to do at the moment.

You cannot help but admire that she works as a paysagiste (landscape gardener), a job were there are few women, because it is so physically demanding. You have to be a tough cookie and I think she is just that ♡
We used up the first weekend after meeting just doing a lot of walking and jogging (pant pant) and looking at the city. We got ourselves a Heineken each (which does not taste nearly as good as bavarian beer or Guiness, sad but true) and talked and talked...About differences in culture, the things we like about our home countries and so on. And then we went discovering again. After the second beer we were a bit tipsy, so we were just strollling along, laughing our heads off. Getting hungry, we saw a pizza deliverer on a roller! We called out : PIZZA!!! WAIT, WE WANT SOME!!! But roller-guy just waved coolly and sped off.

Then we actually chased him for a while; giggling and panting. So we got lost, which made us laugh even more. And just when I thought I couldn't go on, we turned a street and found our bycicles, just waiting for us! HURRAY FOR INBUILT GPS!!!
cute tiny Perrier bottle - I am definately keeping those

caught in the act - of descending stairs!

I vaguely remember singing some stupid song along the lines of "I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars " on repeat. Oh dear, Sarah...☺

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