6 June 2014

Congéconce continued

We didn't only look at chateaus and the sea and go shopping in the city center - which were all things I wanted to do - we also took a tour of the renown Cointreau factory as a request by the boyfriend.
As we only ever used GrandMarnier and Cointreau for parfaits and cakes, I was pretty curious. And it certainly turned out to be interesting. I know now that Cointrau is a Triple Sec, how it is distilled and theat they buy the bottles at a local artisan. And that Dita van Teese is the spokesperson and model
and before it was the Pierrot character.

They are apparently the most copied alcoholic beverage on the planet - as was showcased in a long glass cabin - there must have been hundreds of bottles! Good thing they managed to have the design of the bottle copyrighted.

And the nice perk at the end was that you got to sip on some delicious Cointreau cocktails - I'm definately trying some of these recepies at home <3

Distillery - of course in orange

Yummy lemon juice & cointreau cocktail

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