12 August 2012

Hiking & hell!

I caught Olympia

For some reason I began working out. Hard. It just might have been a good idea to start slow...but with me, it's all out or nothing.
So I went swimming for two days in a row, managing about 40 laps a day.
Which didn't do any harm. No, what killed me was this stupid bavarian mountain, Heimgarten, 1790 metres high.  I like hiking, but...

So I got a bad headache and started feeling sick. Making it down was making it worse.
I had to rest more frequently, but when I did, I sat on a treestump full of sap, which literally glued me,
when I got up again it depilated my bum hairs!

Annoyed, a patch of forest floor caught my eye. It just looked so inviting, I wanted to breath in the mossy smell...2 seconds later I was covered in huge evil ants!

I managed to shake them off after a while, but then I got a really bad hiccup which every creature on this mountain must have heard. My friend Eva was laughing so hard she nearly stepped into the bog.
We entered the woods again.
She decided to go look for mushrooms while I sat down a bit. Nice...ahh. Ayva, the dog came up to me,
 nosing my leg. 'Yes, good dog' *pant, pant* 'No!..urg!'

But it had already given me a french kiss...

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