2 December 2014

Thinking out Loud

Christmas Eve is approaching fast, more like galloping towards me like a horse frothing at the mouth. I am looking forward to seeing my family again, but I just despise Christmas shopping so much!!

So far I got about half of my presents and I thank Amazon.com deeply for saving my sorry skin *bow*

On the bright side, I have been creative with my dear friend Laura, who has been increasingly successful in her independent photography. She has her own store on Etsy now, you can go check her out :

                                                           WOODMOUSE ART on ETSY

It is on a whole new level, as she is getting clothes from designers shipped to her place and she then creates an atmosphere and takes photos.

As of Late, I have been doing the Make-Up & hair-do for her shootings and it has been so much fun.
I have my own set of Make-Up brushes now, as well as combs and an eyeshadow pallet.

It is an altogether new experience for me, but it is essentially not that different from painting pictures ^^

     ✨   BH-Cosmetics range (very inexpensive)

Some of the beauties that Laura took photos of & I made up :

pretty Jana in Marmotescu collar, the headband is mine

cool Jonas as fashion-concious Halloween Zombie

delicate Nina in Ventriloquist Court steampunk outfit

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