14 December 2014

In search of Gifts

I have finally completed my Christmas shop & wrap. It´s been so much of a hassle, I already am 
a bit miffed at the whole idea of presents. Why on earth has Christmas become so comercial?

I just wish you wouldn´t have to contemplate for hours on end whether you should buy a coffee machine or a new vacuum cleaner or an expensive gown - before you go mad and it´s the famous faux-pas socks all over!

That being said, it was nice to meet up with my family at the Winter Tollwood, which is a nice 
cozy market where there are tents, works of art, food & drinks, clothes, trinkets and even concerts.

It is a great place and me and my sis managed to snag a sheepswool pullover for Dad (which you dont have to wash, only air) and a festival bag (because we are planning to go to one next year).
My sister bought me the loveliest dress, all lace in an ivory shade. We found it at a Tollwood exclusive stand selling french lace garments. <3 Looove

I bought most of the prezzies for my girlfriends at the Body Shop and it was there where I found
my very first BB cream that I actually felt like buying. Its this one: 

Body Shop tea tree oil BB cream
and I don´t regret it one bit! It has a nice light texture, the coverage is good and it contains lots of tea tree oil, which I personally like very much. Hooray! I don´t know about recommending it, since everybody has different skin, but it was very hard to find a BB cream that hadn´t gotten a lot of crappy comments online - asian BB creams seem superior. But now I have this one, so I will try using it instead of this:

and see how it works out. I hope it will do for my circles and blotchiness/oily skin/redness/ whatever.

I bought a Clarins product in France, but it is a tinted moisturiser and I will only use it in summer:

Créme de Soins by Clarins

Did a Photoshoot with Laura as well. She gave me this book for training:

It´s fab!!! I´m learning lots of new stuff about bases, highlighting, conturing etc. 
I hope I can become better at doing make up. Let´s work hard! (not to forget studying for exams as well...blegh)

My only wish right now is for there to be snow...

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