4 June 2014


(Getting creative - a mix of the words vacance & congé I thought up - both mean holiday)


Boy, have I been active lately!!! Didn't even find the time to write anything - the evenings I would just slump into my pillow and drift off to dreamland. 
The reason for that was mainly because mon homme came to visit me for a whole week and I was in bliss. We did so many things, like visiting

 >> Batz sur Mer , which was beautiful and calm, with lots of old houses along the cliffs and lots of old people taking a walk or jogging along the coast. 
Retirement here we come!!! ☺

Near~ Far~ Whereeever you....oops, getting a bit corny here

and I just had to stop for some "Moules en frites" because my friends kept telling me how good they were...God, it was delicious! But just too much, how can one girl eat a whole pot of mussels by herself?
Saltcrusted fat crispy chips and boiled nutty mussels with ample parsley...hmm

We also went to Chateau Brissac, which had a beautfiul park and is still inhabitated by its owners today.
It is also apparently the highest castle in the Loire Valley. I was very proud of myself, because I understood most of what the pretty guide was saying ❤ The ancestors were all very different characters, one room was stacked with a hundred antlers, because one of the Marquises of Brissac had been a fervent huntress. I loved hearing about the Marquise Jeanne Say, she enjoyed singing and entertaining people so much, she even built her own theatre. Wish I had that money...

❤ Chateau Brissac ❤
My boyfriend was being rather shy, because he can't speak french at all, but I thought it was cute and I liked playing his own personal guide.

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