9 May 2014

Burning Bridges


London's burnin, London's burnin, fetch the engines, fetch the engines, Fire! Fire!

Called my mother yesterday – mostly out of a bad conscience, cause she is all alone and has to cope with her stuff. I hereby vow to visit her more, sorry Mum!
Anyway, she seemed kind of preoccupied, so I asked her what she was doing. She replied: “Oh you know, just getting rid of my stuff, I’m BURNING some papers right now…Ouch, that was my finger!”

Is this some kind of spiritual zen thing again?

Seriously, the women in my family…

She then told me about what happened to her the other day and I must say  - it made me laugh A LOT. Apparently she took a metal bin and her papers, letters and such and drove to a field to burn them. When she was almost done, it started raining heavily. She got into her car but the motor wouldn’t start and when she tried to call the ADAC her mobile ran out of battery. 

By then it was hailing. She stopped a women (probably told her all about her lifelong problems) and asked her to call the towing service. The women replied “Oh, my phone's run out of battery as well. Sorry there.” So when the service people finally arrived, she was practically drenched – even the blanket over her head was soaked...

She is one strange character, but I just love her to bits :-D

(btw, thanks for the image RB-design :-) )

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