3 May 2014

Good Times, Conversations

 feat. The Preatures - Take a Card

Ahhh~ I had heaps and heaps of fun today!!! 
I went to town again and discovered some really nice places♥  and of course nice things: at the cool teashop, where the clerk was wearing a darkgreen yukata robe and a japanese store where they had Pocky & other stuff...

I am so happy!

as I am in need of presents for all my girlfriends in Germany, I bought some lotion at the local
click >> Yves Rocher : I bought two different lotions to try out - Muguet/Lily of the Valley and Lila/Lilac which are both scents I love.

 Despite looking at many blogs I have yet to find a good Lily of the Valley perfume. The Yves Rocher one made my nose burn, so I hope I dont get any rashes from the lotion...it is a poisonous plant after all...☠ 
dum da dum dum!

Bento leaf dividers

japanese Washi tin with beautiful maple print

Post Scriptum: learned about the word "Weeabo" today.
I am not one of them, luckily, because I enjoy every culture there is, but I am still proud of being british/german. 

I would be terrified to be on the same level as Venus Palermo..brrr


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