8 April 2014

Of Rivers & bruised knees

I just adore the landscape here - so wild and beautiful with its steep hills and thick bushes. I experienced a really precious moment - walking towards the bridge in lavender twilight, birds swooping low over the water, calling softly. It felt almost surreal. Pity I didnt have a camera - but its imprinted in my memory, so i guess its ok.



So I just wander around often, I took my bike last time. I just kept on going the whole day. When I was 
almost home again I had to go up a really steep hill and that`s when I thought `Youve had enough now`. I wanted to turn my bike around, but ended up driving it against the pavement (dontaskmehow) and fell over - but in a very slowmotion kind of way, waving my arms in the air before landing smack on my knees.
It must have looked hilarious to the guy on the bike behind me, because he was chuckling when he asked me wether I needed any help : Damn!

Well....this kind of thing isn`t knew to me. After all, I`m the girl who managed to crack her friends toilet seat just by sitting on it. Although you can say that its owner had done it in beforehand - what with him weighing around 200 kg.
But still...

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