24 April 2014


Je suis la stagiaire anglaise!

is probably THE sentence I have been repeating over and over. Hello, I'm the english trainee.
How do you do? ça va? 

I have run through a lot of compartments in the Lycee by now - the Compta, which means accounting,
CDI, which is the school library, the Accueil - reception and others. 

Don't get me wrong - I love my collegues and the petit pause where I can have some tea, while the others sip on their espressos. I like helping people out at the reception, sorting and registering freshly bought books etc. But I'm not cut out for such boring work as accounting. I do it because I have to, but calculating has never been my forte and it takes me a while, which makes me frustrated, which is clearly visible, because by then I'll be frowning. Period. 

Why am I studying languages? Because I'm good at it and I like it. Why am I not studying maths? - Because I suck at it  and it makes my head a dratted > Gordian Knot <!

As I have inherited one half of german work ethics, I just get on with my job though. End of complaint. 

It's pretty cool, I got to visit the theatre in Pont-de-Cé. I hadn't noticed I missed acting so much - but when I entered the room and smelled the slightly dusty air, it got me really excited. Hm, that sounds slightly off. XD

It was fantastic anyway 

River Maine at dusk

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